June 2017:

Thank you for the great job on the vehicle project. Kim was a responsive, on top of details and pleasure to work with as always. There is not a step in the process that could have ran better - a great performance all the way around. Experience and the ownership mindset of an independent research firm shined through. I look forward to our next project! Nice work! “Anne was great, the recruit was AWESOME!”

Sue McAdams, President / CEO Herron Associates, Inc

April 2017:

“Kim did a nice job with the recruit, and Jerry was especially attentive all day long. Jerry literally accommodated every request and anticipated needs before I even knew I needed anything! He was fantastic.”

-Lindsay, Research Associate

March 2016:

"I wanted to let you know that the client was incredibly pleased with all of the ethnos – they said that every single one of them was fantastic. They also mentioned that the last one yesterday was the best in your market.  THANK YOU for all of your hard work on this one! You are the best!"

-Yelena Wise / Senior Project Manager Fieldwork Network

March, 2015: "The recruiting was EXCELLENT.  This was not necessarily the easiest group to recruit for and we were extremely impressed by the project updates throughout, as well as the ultimate turnout and diversity of the groups!  Your staff anticipated our every need and your service throughout the day was superb.  Our client expressed great appreciation for your team staying late to unpack our supplies then making sure our supplies were packed up correctly on Thursday so that we could scramble to the airport to catch our flight. The rooms were ideal, you had all of the supplies we needed, and if we needed to make adjustments in the groups or the room, it was no questions asked.  It made our life easy and in a busy day of groups like we had, not having to worry about the logistics was a HUGE relief.If we ever have an opportunity to recommend a facility in Houston, your operation will be at the top of our list. Thank you again for everything you did to make us look good for our client."

-Matt Braun / VP Client Services with Loyalty Research

March, 2013:

"Pleasure to work with your team this week - really enjoyed the experience and hope to do it again sometime soon. I have to tell you though that Jerry is your secret weapon - he is amazing. So incredibly helpful, solicitous and friendly. He is a difference-maker."

-Sean Martin  Cofounder  / Partner  Brandiosity | Marketing Research & Brand Consultancy 


March, 2013:

"Best facility I've been to. Good respondents, friendly staff, and best of all, a lot of windows with natural light – makes it a much more pleasant day!"

-Linda A. CollinsSenior Manager, Field Operations  AlphaDetail Inc, a Symphony Health Solutions Company

February, 2013:

"My client was thrilled with the respondents. Thanks so much for a terrific show rate with such good people. Please send our thanks to your recruiters. I know how hard they worked on this.

"I am always so happy to work in your facility. From your amazing staff, to the details in every room, your facility just "works." I can always tell when a facility has been designed by a moderator. There is nothing missing - no worries about easel pads that are not full, markers that are dried out, no place to display boards, and on and on. I would love to clone your model for every facility I use.

-Rebecca Day President of Kinzey & Day