Professional Services

Not only are we a full service research solutions provider we also offer all manner of professional services to help you achieve your goals:

*Professional document printing, creation, and processing. Including sales brochures, flats, presentations, even in larger sized formats. Glossy printing available.

*Professional research design, implementation, and reporting available. We have no problem generating reports or analysis of your research in a format you can use.

*Technical staff on hand, with nearly 25 years of experience we can meet or exceed any of your AV needs. Do you need to integrate your PC for your groups we can do that, do you need to project or have that show on an HDTV, we can do that. The sky is the limit and we'll happily accommodate all of your digital needs with ease.

*Digital video, DVD, and format conversion. Do you need your AV in .mp4 format? Do you need to show video on your Ipad? Do you need professional conversion from an analog format to digital? We can do all of that and more, we can give you audio or video in any format you desire making your presentations and usage of your data that much easier.

*Do you need to stream your research or presentation back to your home office, or even across the world? We can do that and offer several streaming services for your convenience.

*Do you need a facility with large open space to display your event or products we have room for you! We have rooms large enough to accommodate 60+ respondents comfortably.

*Do you need professional grade videography or audio recording services we can do that! Including static or operator operated cameras and better yet we have the equipment in house for quick and easy setups.

*Do you need real time translations, along with translated DVD's, Audio Files, and Video, along with native language? We are well setup for this, we do extensive bilingual research and have the facilities to do everything realtime. Again you can leave as soon  as your research is completed with both translated and native language formats.  We also have bilingual staff to assist in your research and facility needs.

*Do you need very specialized respondents for your research? We have Houston's largest panel of respondents, we track every concievable bit of data from our respondents whether you need fast food eaters, or luxury car owners, we have you covered and get the respondents you need. Do you need bilingual respondents, or primarily Spanish speakers we track that too. We have the bases covered and will see that you get the respondents you need to make your projects a success.

While we try our best to be thorough, if something isn't listed here  or if you're needing further assistance please contact us directly at: 713.888.0202 (toll free) 800.604.4247

(or) online at: 

We will have someone to assist you with your needs promptly.