Important information for New Participants:

Hello and Welcome to Opinions Unlimited:

We're sure glad that you stopped by, here are a few things you should know before you submit your form to enter  Opinions Unlimited's Research Panel.

We always conduct an interview via telephone as part of our “screening” process and prior to inviting you to participate in a study.  We do ask that respondents have a local telephone number (713/281/832/346/409) and an available email address.

All study participants must provide their home zip code; and, if employed, work zip code. Houston residents should live or work within an hours’ drive or about 50 miles of Houston’s Galleria area.

Email is our preferred method of alerting you about upcoming studies. Emails will come from  It is important that you follow any instructions included in our emails.

To quickly identify people who are most likely to meet a particular study’s criteria, we ask a few preliminary questions. We use two methods:

1)  Answer the questions in the email and submit your answers via REPLY to the email.

2)  Go to a link to Survey Monkey to answer the preliminary questions. Your answers are automatically submitted to us.

After you have answered and submitted your answers to the preliminary questions, we will call you to ask a few more questions.  Please understand due to the sheer number of responses we receive you may not receive call back if you don't meet the crtiteria needed for that discussion.

If You are invited to participate:

We will send you an email with directions and a map within three days of the scheduled discussion.

Please make every effort to arrive before the discussion start time as we often will have participants fill out a short questionnaire to aid the disussion leader also known as a "moderator". If you arrive after the discussion starts, you will not receive the honorarium offered*.

Our building is Class A office building and does have a strict dress code, so please dress "business casual" unless otherwise instructed.  For your comfort, we suggest you bring a light sweater as it can get cold in the discussion room.

Unfortunately, if you arrive in shorts, jeans, t-shirts, clothing with holes, flip flops, beach wear, or anything deemed “distracting to the discussion” you will not be included in the discussion and you will not receive the honorarium*.

You are expected to actively participate in the discussion or you may not receive the honorarium*. 

You are expected to be honest in your answers during the entire interviewing process and during the discussion, or you may not receive the honorarium*.

If for some reason you need to cancel, please call us (do not email us) regarding your cancellation. We kindly ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice ahead of your scheduled discussion time, so that we can locate a suitable replacement for you. If you fail to give adequate notice, or fail to show up, it will be considered a "no show". We do track last minute cancellations as well; any combination of 2 more more no shows or cancellations and you will be removed from the research panel permanently.

If your telephone number or email changes, call 713.888.0202 so we can update your information,

or you can email any updates to:

We will not share your information with anyone. Our privacy policy can be found at:

Thank you for being an active member of our research panel, we look forward to seeing you in the near future!

 *Please note that under certain circumstances, you may not qualify to recieve the honorarium.